Thank you for expressing interest for career training at NWTC. Use the following checklist to ensure that all forms, transcripts, and assessment verifications are correctly completed and submitted.

Admissions Requirements

Northwest Technology Center operates under the concept of open enrollment. All persons sixteen years of age or older are eligible for admission. Enrollment start time/date will be coordinated by the counselor, administration, and financial aid director (if applicable).

Prior Credit / Advanced Standing Credit for Adult Students

Adult students enrolling at NWTC who have previous educational or training experiences will be asked to provide a transcript indicating both courses taken and grades received at previous institutions for evaluation. Students with previous military service will also be asked to provide AARTS, SMART, CGI, and CCAR transcripts. Credit awarded from previous education or training will be placed on the student’s NWTC transcript; students demonstrating knowledge and competencies will not be required to repeat previously completed coursework.   Advanced standing credit may also be issued to NWTC students who complete one career option at NWTC and then enroll in another.

If advanced standing credit is granted to a student for previous educational or training experiences, such credit will be documented in the student’s file, and the student will not be charged tuition or fees for the advanced standing credit hours.